About - Rebeca Gutiérrez


Rebeca Gutiérrez López

Born in Madrid, Spain, 1983.

Lives & works between Cannes, France and Darmstadt, Germany.

Self-taught photographer, left-handed and myopic. To the left hemisphere, I owe my passion for science, the abstract thinking and the capability to understand and reproduce the language of machines. To the right hemisphere, I owe everything else. I love Spanish-American literature, poetry with wine and coffee without sugar. I am currently living in the French Riviera. I work as an engineer in the space industry and I tell stories as photographer.



2016. Indochine. Workshop with Nicolas Pascarel.

2016. Self Publish, Be Happy. Workshop with Bruno Ceschel. PHE Descubrimientos.

2015. Folegandros, Greece. Ulysses. Workshop with Nicolas Pascarel.

2014. La Havana, Cuba. Workshop with Nicolas Pascarel.

Exhibitions & Festivals

2017. Spain. Pinto. Biblioteca Javier Peña. Retorno a Ítaca.

2017. France. Nice. Festival de la Photographie Méditerranéenne. Folegandros. 

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